The Steam Route

The Steam Route is a unique educational path that runs along the sidetracks of the Railway Museum in Silesia. Visitors explore it while riding in a carriage pulled by a historic diesel locomotive.

Deutz OMZ122 locomotive with summer wagon during ride on Steam Route

The route follows the most important railway technical facilities that once enabled the operation of steam locomotives in the locomotive depot. During the ride, visitors get to know various elements, including the coal crane, water cranes, sandpit, and the drainage canal. The operation of a railway turntable, a device used to rotate locomotives and wagons, is also demonstrated during the journey.

The ride takes approximately 30 minutes and entirely covers the railway sidetrack within the museum. Participants start and finish the ride at the station located beneath the historic coal crane.

There is an admission fee for the Steam Train Route. The ticket price is 15.00 PLN per person (ride in a carriage pulled by a diesel locomotive).