The intention of the museum is to tell the story of the railway, one of the most significant inventions in the history of our civilization, based on a local, well-documented context within reconstructed interiors that provide an authentic and attractive backdrop for the main narrative.

Desk in Station Master 1930 exhibition

The exhibition content largely consists of previously unseen exhibits from the collections of the Railway Museum in Silesia and other branches of the Industrial Heritage Foundation of Silesia. A rich illustrative material, including text, maps, and iconographic elements, accompanies a diverse range of historic artifacts.

The exhibition is organized into six thematic exhibition spaces, partially in chronological order:

  • Station Master 1930 (history of the railway in Jaworzyna Śląska from 1843 to 1945),
  • Station Master 1970 (history of the railway in Jaworzyna Śląska from 1945 to 1990),
  • ODRA Workshop (featuring the only Polish digital computing machine ODRA 1305 in Lower Silesia),
  • Railway cash office,
  • Railway Health Clinic,
  • Historic railway models and diorama,

Visiting the exhibition is only possible with a guide!