Museum of Industry and Railway in Silesia in Jaworzyna Śląska is a large European scale railway museum established in 2005 in a historic depot of 1908 in Jaworzyna Śląska in Lower Silesia. The Museum is located in a railway site of over 2 hectares with preserved railway infrastructure, depot buildings and technical facilities. The collection covers over 120 rail vehicles from 1880 until the 1970s. The Museum is visited primarily in a ride in a historic train along a “Steam Engine Route” within the Museum.

Since 2015, with the Tkt48/18 steam engine overhauled with internal resources, along historic rail cars of the 1920s, the Museum has been arranging regular rides for tourists to various attractive locations in Silesia.  The Museum has been expanding its offer of railway tourism as a result of hard work of its specialists in maintenance and overhauls of historic rolling stock. The workshop has been undertaking overhauls of historic engines and rail cars.